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Youth Congress – Bloodline

Youth Congress – Bloodline of INC


70 percent of India’s population is under 35 years of age. This number alone tells us that the youth of the nation are certainly the game changers in the world of politics. Looking at the average age of the youth v/s that of the leaders, it is quite clear that there is a large gap (youth at 25 and leaders at 65), which results in a disparity of thought, ideas and vision.

The Youth Congress represents the future of the Indian National Congress party. Therefore, present leaders of the political party are encouraging more participation from the youth, as well as paying attention to causes that are deemed important by the current generation.


DK Shivakumar, Energy Minister of Karnataka, is one such leader that got a start in politics by involvement in the Congress party as a Youth Congress worker and therefore gives importance to the participation of the youth in the political sphere.


Humble beginnings and start of a political career


DK Shivakumar’s tryst with politics started when he became a student leader while he was studying at RC College in Bengaluru. He played a leading role as a Youth Congress worker and was the General Secretary of the Karnataka State Youth Congress from 1983 to 1985. This gave him a boost in the world of politics as he took on responsibilities and showcased his skills as a leader in the youth wing of the party. During this time, he gathered support in the Kanakapura region and was elected as a member of the rural Zilla Panchayat in the year 1987.


Demands of the present generation


The ‘National Youth Policy’ is an initiative to make young India more empowered to achieve its full potential. With a focus on areas like employment, entrepreneurship, health, social values and inclusion, the policy is thorough covering all important and relevant areas keeping its vision intact. The present generation demands its voice be heard and have an impact on policy. Through the use of social media, the freedom of distribution of thoughts on blogs, and increased participation in activities like spoken word and slam poetry, the youth is able to get their thoughts across to society and get people thinking about social issues.


Education is a high priority of the present generation as the youth are aware of the impact a good education can have towards the development of the country. Among other demands, the youth of the country wants five percent of the country’s GDP to be allotted toward education.


Impact of Young India on DK Shivakumar’s Vision


One would assume that with more than half of India’s population being dominated by the youth, there would be some large-scale political movements at play involving the youth as the driving force. However, this does not seem to be the case right now. The youth seem to lack enthusiasm and direction. They do not have the inspiration to push forth their ideas and visions with the predominant collective thought being “who will listen, how will achieve it?”


DK Shivakumar understands and has internalized the core objectives of the Youth Congress which was established by Rajiv Gandhi when he was the Prime Minister. He believes that the youth is going to shape the future of the country, and as such, they should become politically aware and take action towards voicing their opinions. “Our party wants young leaders to enter the political arena. The nation needs young and educated leaders, and the Indian National Congress is committed to offering responsible positions to youth”, he said.


A leader representing the youth


DK Shivakumar has a vision that furthers the interest of the youth of our country. He is encouraging them to be involved in the Youth Congress and work towards achieving the demands of their generation and contribute toward the progress of India.