No.252,18th cross, Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore – 560080 India.

D K Shivakumar

I was born into an agricultural family, and have experienced the difficulties of agriculture.  Farming can be remunerative by following the right practices. I do believe that education  is, and will be the most powerful means to bring in this change. To provide an accessible  and right education in each sector, support of government is a key factor.

I believe that politics in an ultimatum that can uplift a commoner’s life. Administration in  India could influence each sector due for development and I could picture my country  being a telltale for generations to come, through good governance. This made me choose  the field of politics to bring in the necessary change towards betterment.

Minister of Irrigation & Medical Education,  Government of Karnataka.

उयमेनैव सयित कायाण न मनोरथैः |   It takes rigorous efforts to achieve anything

Proud citizen with a vision to build a progressed & flourishing India

“Agriculturist by Birth  Businessman by Profession  Politician for Service  Educationist by Passion”

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Personal Profile 

Parents: Late Sri Kempegowda & Smt Gowramma

Date & Place of Birth: May 15, 1962, at Dodda Aalahalli, Kanakapura Taluk, Bengaluru  Siblings: D K Suresh, Member of Parliament, Govt. of India  Younger Sister

Caste: Vokkaliga

Spouse: Usha Shivakumar

Children: 3

Present Address: #252, “Kenkeri”, 18th Cross,   Upper Palace Orchard, Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru










Govt Minister




DKS was born in a farmer’s family in Kanakapura’s Doddaalahalli Village to Shri Kempegowda and Smt. Gowramma in 1962.  His parents did not have kids for 3 years. So they went to Shivaldhappa Temple and prayed Lord Shiva for his blessing for a child. After which they had a boy child and named the child after God’s name as “Shivakumar”.

Shivakumar has 2 siblings a younger sister and a brother.

DK Shivakumar has a younger brother DK Suresh. They have an exceptional bonding even from young age.


All his education happened in Bangalore. His mother was determined to provide the best education to her children so she shifted from Dodaalahalli to Bangalore.

Completed SSLC from Vidyavardhaka, Bengaluru
Completed PUC from Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society, Bengaluru
Completed Bachelor of Arts from Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya College, Bengaluru
Completed Master of Arts in Political Science from Karnataka State Open  University, Mysuru

★ I remained an active sports person with unbeatable flair for extra curricular  activities, represented school in sports and developed team leadership at a very  young age.

I was denied the position of High School Secretary, reason being a lack of  height and muscular build. This was a major turning point as I can recall,  which lead to the determination of equipping my skills so much that physical  appearance can never be considered for any judgement.

★ I developed love for Sanskrit language as I began to experience the power of  Sanskrit chants and have been an ardent learner of Sanskrit ever since.

★ I was elected a Secretary of Student Union in my College days.

★ Relationship building, and networking has always been an innate and inseparable  part of my personality. Maintaining a friendship was utmost important then and is,  now.

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Friendship means everything to DK Shivakumar. He goes to great lengths to participate in a get together with his old school & college friends. When his friends meet him personally away from the hot seat of politics they know their friend Shivakumar has not changed a bit which brings a smile on their face.

He started his career as a student leader during his Degree college, Bengaluru.

[ 1983-85 ]

I was drawn towards politics, joined Indian Youth Congress and subsequently was  elected as the General Secretary (G.S.) Of Karnataka.   During my tenure as the General Secretary, we organized blood donation camps,  free medical checkups and participated in congress rallies. I built a considerable  mass following and trustworthy supporters.


There is no guarantee to win an election nor there is a winning formula.

[ 1985 -1989]

My career made a huge leap at my 23rd year when the Congress party chose me as a  worthy candidate in legislative elections in Sathanur constituency against the  political giant of Janata Party, Sri H D Deve Gowda and lost by a small margin. This
is till now the only election that I contested and could not win. Meanwhile, I was  elected as a member for Bangalore Rural Zilla Panchayat till the next Assembly  elections in 1989, where I was chosen by Congress Party to contest from Sathanur  again and I won with a thumping margin of votes.

[ 1989 -1990]

I withstood a political conspiracy hatched by my political rivals within Congress  Party and was denied a congress ticket in 1989. I then contested as an Independent  candidate from Sathanur assembly constituency and was elected as MLA at an age  of 27.

[ 1991 -1992]

When the Sri Veerendra Patil was to step down as Chief Minister due to his ill  health, I played a prominent role in getting Sri S Bangarappa elected as a successor  and supported him. I was then selected as Minister berth (Minister of State for  Prisons, Home guards) at an age of 29.

[ 1999 -2002]

Despite being an Independent MLA, I believed that Sri S M Krishna of Congress who  has taken an off from active politics has to be brought back to mainstream politics,  and played a major role in convincing him to contest for Rajya Sabha seat. This  happened during the Chief Ministerial tenure of Sri Deve Gowda. Sri S M Krishna’s  victory in elections till today is said to be the result of well planned joint political  strategy by the Congress party and me.

When Sir S M Krishna was chosen to head the Congress party in Karnataka, I  extended my full sport and helped him emerge as an unbeatable winner with over  139 seats in Assembly elections.

I was selected from Congress to contest from Sathanur Assembly constituency  against Sri H D Kumara Swamy, son of Sri H D Devegowda, Janatadal supremo and  former Prime Minister of India. On my successful election for the third time in a  row, I became a Cabinet Minister in charge of Cooperation portfolio during the  tenure.

Again in 2002, I was put incharge of Urban Development Ministry and also became  the Chairman of Karnataka State Town Planning Board.

[ 2004-07 ]

I merged a winner from Sathanur again in Assembly elections. But the Congress fell  short of full majority in this election and to keep the BJP away from power which  was playing its card majorly by communal principles, coalition government with  Janatadal was formed. My full support during this tenure was extended.

[ 2013 and 2018 ]

I was re elected as an MLA from Sathanur and then was assigned the role of  Ministry of Energy under Sri Siddaramaiah’s government.

[ 2018 and onwards]

In 2018 State election I got re-elected from Kanakapura and hold Minister of Irrigation and Medical Education.

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DK Shivakumar has always been a supporter of young politicians and party workers. He has persuaded candidates to stand for election and single handedly helped them to win their constituencies in election.

DK Shivakumar then went onto became a minister at a very young age of 30 in the Government under the leadership of late CM Shri Bangarappa. He served as Minister of State for Home taking care Departments of Home Guards and Prisons. Thus DKS was exposed at a very young age to the needs of Governance and later has served as Minister in several Governments.

As the Chairman of Cabinet subcommittee, I played a prominent role in formulating  and initiating Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Shakthi Sanghatan, being active in rallies, and in  empowering the youths to take up rural development and social work.

During the tenure that I was handling Urban development portfolio, I was played a  major role in planning the underpasses and flyovers for Karnataka. For example,  the first ever flyover in the state, the K. R. Market flyover was constructed during  his tenure as Minister. The then longest flyover in India, Hebbal flyover was  constructed in a record period of 20 months.

For Example, the Hebbal Flyover was built in a record 20 months when DK Shivakumar was minister and was one of the longest flyovers in India then in 2003. This shows the executing capabilities of DKS and his vision for development.

From 2013-2018 I  handled the Ministry of Energy in my State which was in doldrum  since long. Much awaited Solar Park near Pavagada (Tumkur district) spread over  13000 acres of 2000MW capacity is near completion and ready to generate  electricity. Farmers will be paid rent by government for their land on which the  plant is constructed.

DKS has also initiated building India’s Largest Solar Power Plant in Pavagada, Tumkur.

Now part of the coalition government 2018 with JDS, DKS has been assigned to take care of Irrigation and Medical Education. He owes to bring in great changes in these two fields to help farmers and aspiring youngsters.

My party terms me an ​Election winner
​ owing to the victory of my party in elections  where the winning was predicted impossible. My involvement and strategy in  bringing the victory in several crucial bi polls like Bellary, and Bihar elections is  much valued. My role in winning the Rajya Sabha elections to Ahmed Patel in  Gujarat by uniting the party was widely appreciated by Congress.

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