No.252,18th cross, Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore – 560080 India.
DK Shivakumar is presently the Irrigation & Medical Education Minister of Karnataka. He has been a MLA since 1989 and has been a minister several times. He has held portfolios such as Energy, Urban Development, Home etc. DK Shivakumar is known for his dynamism and is a powerhouse of the Congress Party.



12 Nov: ಬಳ್ಳಾರಿ ಜನತೆಗೆ ಹೃತ್ಪೂರ್ವಕ ಕೃತಜ್ಞತೆ

ಕಾಂಗ್ರೆಸ್‌ ಅಭ್ಯರ್ಥಿ ವಿ.ಎಸ್. ಉಗ್ರಪ್ಪ ಅವರಿಗೆ ಅಭೂತಪೂರ್ವ ಗೆಲುವು ತಂದುಕೊಟ್ಟಿರುವ ಬಳ್ಳಾರಿ ಜನರಿಗೆ ಜಿಲ್ಲಾ ಉಸ್ತುವಾರಿ ಸಚಿವ ಡಿ.ಕೆ. ಶಿವಕುಮಾರ್ ಹೃತ್ಪೂರ್ವಕ ಕೃತಜ್ಞತೆಗಳನ್ನು ಸಲ್ಲಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಈ ಗೆಲುವು…


The Youth Congress represents the future of the Indian National Congress party. Therefore, present leaders of the political party are encouraging more participation from the youth, as well as paying attention to causes that are deemed important by the current generation. DK Shivakumar, Energy Minister of Karnataka, is one such leader that got a start in politics by involvement in the Congress party as a Youth Congress worker and therefore gives importance to the participation of the youth in the political sphere.

DK Shivakumar’s tryst with politics started when he became a student leader while he was studying at SJRC College in Bengaluru. He played a leading role as a Youth Congress worker and was the General Secretary of the Karnataka State Youth Congress from 1983 to 1985.

DK Shivakumar has a vision that furthers the interest of the youth of our country. He is encouraging them to be involved in the Youth Congress and work towards achieving the demands of their generation and contribute toward the progress of India.

“Our party wants young leaders to enter the political arena. The nation needs young and educated leaders, and the Indian National Congress is committed to offering responsible positions to youth”


Kanakotsava is a people’s event celebrating the culture,talent and diversity of Kanakapura taluk and Ramanagara District.
Was Held on 10th -14th January 2018

organized by Honorable MLA DK Shivakumar & MP DK Suresh through “DKS CHARITABLE TRUST, Kanakapura”.

it’s the biggest and only event in Karnataka to recognize talent, provide platform to showcase and award rural people from all walks of life.

Minister of Irrigation & Medical Education

Government of Karnataka

Congress MLA

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Son of Kanakapura

Development, Charity, Inspirational Person


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My Journey into politics has always been challenging, daring and a lot of learning. I want to share those experience with you all, especially to the youth in Politics.

Governance should be very strong for any government that comes to power. I have graduated from a college degree holder to administrating multiple govt departments as law maker. It was not easy in the beginning, I would like to share it with you all.

Technology development in last 5 years has advanced very quickly. We have to adopt it for all govt work, schemes & initiatives.

My Constituency on NDTV

The Indian rupee may be crashing globally, but in a suburb in Banglore, just Rs. 1 can fetch ten litres of clean drinking water. And the facility comes without hassles of standing in long queues. Kanakapura has got what locals call, 'Water ATMs'.